Film Evening with Mark Lever: Vol. 5 Best Film

On Saturday October 24th 2015, I held my fifth film evening at Morden Brook, Lower Morden, which I’ve held since I finished university in 2012 every 6 months to a year to showcase my latest film projects. A new addition to this film evening was my questionnaire to find out the audiences favourite film of the night. The questionnaire asked them to put the films shown throughout the night in order from the best to their worst. Proceeding the event, I then counted up the results in a similar fashion to Eurovision (11pts for 1st, 1pt for 11th) and here are the results:

11. Red Baron by Chris Gwilt (Cameraperson/Editor)

This year I met up with my school friend I’ve known since I was in nursery to help him film a drumming auditions to go on tour with Shayne Ward.

10. Sound Words (Cameraperson)

Over the last year, I’ve been a cameraperson for a Christian talk show, which has already filmed series 1 (10 episodes) and received over 10,000 views and has 171 subscribers as of 14th November 2015.

9. Superstition by Boaz (Editor)

For the first time, Thamesmead School where my brother works as a music teacher held a X Factor competition. This was the winner.

8. Consultations with Merton’s Children Young People about the Children and Families Act 2014 (Cameraperson/Editor)

Between October to February, I filmed 12 consultations for Merton Mencap to assess the best way students with all aspects of learning difficulties prefer to learn and whether the Merton Local Council Local Offer Website was well executed.

Consultations with Merton’s Children Young People about the Children and Families Act 2014 from Mark Lever on Vimeo.

7. Sectioned (Producer)

During the summer, I produced three scenes taken from a book by John O’Donaghue called ‘Sectioned’, which Director, Gary Thomas acquired Arts Council funding to make a short film of.


Follow the latest updates for the film project ‘Sectioned’ on Film on Film Entertainment Facebook page.

6. Writer’s Block (Producer/Director/Editor/Host)

On 19th October & 12th November 2015, I Produced, hosted & edited a half hour Scriptwriter’s talk show starring Gary Thomas as a regular guest. Series 1 features Stephan Burn, Richard Holliday, Eleanna Santorinaiou & Keith Temple as Guest Contributors.

5. Jerusalem (Cameraperson/Editor)

On 22nd May 2015, Gary Thomas, Rene Toussaint and I filmed a gig at the Hootananny, Brixton.

4. Thamesmead Musical (Cameraperson/Editor)

In summer 2015, Gary Thomas and I filmed the ‘Thamesmead School’s’ musical of ‘Peter Pan’. I managed to sell over £100 worth of dvds/digital copies to parents/students.

3. Delusional High (Cameraperson/Editor)

The winner of my brother’s Eurovision Style contest ‘Songstar 2015’.

2. Epsom Coaches: 95 Years in the Making (Cameraperson/.Editor)

The film was made for the 95th anniversary of local bus/holidays company ‘Epsom Coaches’. I have so far sold over 80 copies @£5 each off the film.


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1. Doctor Who: Outtakes

Edited by Richard Holliday, these were the outtakes for an episode of Dr Who made pre 2009.

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These were the results round by round…


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