About Me

Mark Lever graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2012, since then he has been a Freelance Filmmaker working on live events, weddings, short films, music videos, behind the scenes photoshoots and how to videos, mainly as a Cameraperson/Editor. During his time as a freelancer, he has worked for such clients as Wow BBQ, Wright Cricket, Undergrace Productions, Old Ruts Cricket Club and Merton Mencap. Aside from his freelance work, he has produced short films (Extra Time; Don’t Marry Him, Have Me), Music Videos (If This Isn’t Love) & Web Series (Moving In, a half an hour sitcom pilot & Moving In: the Sober Future).

Since leaving high school, Mark has been continually developed himself as a Screenwriter, by writing TV Spec Pilots (What If, Einstein?, D.E.A.D, Two for the Price of One, Moving In), short films (Extra Time) & Web Series (Moving In: the Sober Future). He is currently working on getting his TV Spec Pilot, ‘What If, Einstein’ ready to attract writing agents and send off to competitions. In addition, he is currently developing a spec episode of Modern Family to be ready to enter the Nickelodeon Fellowship Programme next year. Every fortnight, he attends the London Writers Circle to use as a benchmark to progress his writing and make invaluable contacts.

Twice a year, Mark Lever holds a film evening at the ‘Morden Brook’ in Lower Morden, Surrey where he screens his most recent work alongside a selection of his friends. The first event was held in 2012, after Mark graduated from the University of Portsmouth and has since gone onto hold three further evenings. Mark Lever organises the events for his friends & family to raise money for his latest film projects, to date the film evenings have raised over £1000.

Early 2016, Mark Lever worked on developing his skills by taking an Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and After Effects Masterclass, which in effect has led to him becoming an Adobe Premiere Associate and Adobe Photoshop Associate.

Since October 2016, Mark Lever has been working at Esher College as a Media and Film Technician. So far he has taught his own classes on basic camera skills, set up a equipment booking system and manages it on a daily basis, created tutorials on Adobe Premiere and assisted teachers in lessons on editing. Upcoming tasks are going to include helping out on a Thorpe Park Fright Fest day trip and the college’s yearly Oscars.





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