Casting Update: Charlie Ross as Jo Darwyn

I am very happy to confirm former Stand Up comedian, Charlie Ross will be attending my read-through on Saturday 2nd December to play the role of ‘Jo Darwyn’, a by the book doctor who has been forced into the role of leader of team D.E.A.D whose mission is to help the undead transition back into normal whilst making sure they don’t reveal their secret. Their secret being, their blood type can bring them back to life.

Working with Charlie has become a regular thing for me having now worked with him on my upcoming fan made Doctor Who project (YouTube | Facebook); time travel short film, Extra Time (Facebook | YouTube) and monologue, Don’t Marry Him, Have Me (YouTube). Having worked with him recently on the Doctor Who project as a Director of Photography, I’ll be reprising my role I had for Extra Time and Don’t Marry Him, as Producer.

D.E.A.D is a 60 minutes radio play series I’ve written the pilot for and currently aiming to do a professional recording for. The show is about a doctor, a nurse and a coroner who help the undead transition back into normal life. I’d love to release episodes on a monthly basis in the way Big Finish are doing their Torchwood releases. If the show moves into a series order, each episode will focus on another one of Team D.E.A.D’s patients who has the rare blood type which brings them back to life.

The character of Jo will be faced with a moral dilemma in series 1 of D.E.A.D as his father, who is currently occupying the same hospital he works in, is suffering with terminal cancer which Jo has a way of curing, only problem is his father would have to die first and be injected with the blood type. While he makes up his decision, he has to watch his Dad come in and out of hospital for treatments from the sidelines because as far as his Dad is concerned, he’s not alive.

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