Doctor Who Reverence of the Daleks Casting News: Charlie Ross

Richard Holliday (Producer), Mark Lever (Director of Photography) and Gary Thomas (Director) are very happy to confirm the casting of ‘Charlie Ross’ as Captain Reynolds in their upcoming fan made Doctor Who project ‘Reverence of the Daleks’.

Reverence of the Daleks puts the Doctor at odds with UNIT’s latest experimental plaything – a supposedly ‘docile’ Dalek, but when the experiment goes awry, it is the Doctor alone who must stop the Dalek from escaping a high-tech, secret UNIT compound and wreaking extermination across London.

Charlie Ross plays Captain John Reynolds, a cocky and complacent UNIT commander determined to impress both the top brass of the military organisation and their fabled scientific adviser, the Doctor, but quickly finds his confidence misplaced when the experiment with the Doctor’s deadliest enemy, a Dalek, gets out of his, and human control, and it is only thanks to the Doctor, and once his military support has been decimated by his recklessness, that the extermination of London is averted.

Production Still of Charlie Ross as Spacey Black in Extra Time

The first day of filming ‘Reverence of the Daleks’ will take place on Saturday April 29th in Ewell West, Surrey. Currently signed up as part of the cast is Elliot Stammers as The Doctor; Elise Stammers as The Doctor’s companion, Jennifer and Rob Lever as Soldier 1. Crew members already confirmed include Rene Toussaint (Website) as Sound Recordist; Thomas Parker (Website) as Behind the Scenes Videographer and Stephan Burn (Facebook | Website) as Behind the Scenes Photographer.

Day 2 & 3 are yet to be confirmed but will likely to take place between May/June.

The fan made Doctor Who episode will hopefully premiere at Charlie Ross’ Doctor Who themed birthday event in June with Matthew Waterhouse (Doctor Who) and Katy Manning (Doctor Who). Richard Holliday and Mark also have plans to feature it at Who’s at the Playhouse in Epsom, Surrey where Louise Jameson, Colin Baker and John Leeson are just some of the stars set to star.

Mark and Gary have worked with Charlie Ross previously on their upcoming time travel short film, Extra Time, which they are in the process of putting the final touches to get it ready for the festival circuit. In Extra Time, Charlie Ross plays the role of ‘Spacey Black’, a selfish gambling addict who travels back in time to stop his cousin, Kayla Black (Louise Jameson) from killing James Spring (Ben Burman).

Charlie Ross is a former stand up comedian come actor who starred in festival selected short film, Early One Summer directed by Gary Thomas. As a stand up comedian, Charlie Ross has performed to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival multiple times and has toured the country. He recently retired making people laugh for a living in 2016. He is now a teacher in North London, hosting panels at Doctor Who conventions and starring in upcoming time travel short, Extra Time (watch a BTS video here).

Charlie Ross on set on Extra Time Day 4 in Ewell West, Surrey.


This blog was written by Mark Lever (Website | Twitter | Facebook)

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