Doctor Who: Reverence of the Daleks Trailer Press Release

Dalek Fan Made Episode Trailer!

Richard Holliday, Producer and Mark Lever, Director of Photography are very happy to announce the first trailer for our upcoming fan made Doctor Who production, Reverence of the Daleks. Our fan made episode stars Elliot Stammers as The Doctor; Elise Stammers as the new Doctor’s companion, Jennifer; Big Finish Doctor Who audio star and Stand Up Comedian, Charlie Ross; currently on a Shakespeare European tour, Paul Valentine; Top 100 UK DVD Chart, Ripper actor Anthony Styles and musician, Rob Lever.

The trailer is made up of footage shot on the 1st day of filming on Saturday April 29th 2017. We have confirmed the date for filming day 2 and 3. They will be Sunday 23rd July and Saturday 26th August respectively. The fourth and final day is set to be in September. We plan to release a trailer after each filming day. We are filming with the aim of getting it ready for a Doctor Who convention in October. After it premieres, we hope to take it around the convention circuit.

On the third day of filming we will be using a Dalek and a life size TARDIS at Epsom Coaches, Surrey where we filmed Day 1. Details to be announced very soon.

On Saturday June 17th we premiered the Doctor Who trailer at our very own star, Charlie Ross’ Doctor Who convention he ran for his 50th birthday. We were very pleased with how well it went down and it was brilliant to see it up on the big screen with a good PA system.

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Please find the full list of Cast and Crew credits below:


The Doctor – Elliot Stammers

Jennifer – Elise Stammers

Captain Reynolds – Charlie Ross (IMDB)

Sergeant Turner – Paul Valentine (CastingCall Pro)

Soldier 1 – Anthony Styles (IMDB)

Soldier 2 – Rob Lever (Soundcloud)


Producer – Richard Holliday (Website | Twitter)

Director – Gary Thomas (Website | Twitter)

Director of Photography – Mark Lever (Website | Twitter | Facebook)

Cameraperson – Thomas Parker (Website)

Sound Recordist – Rene Toussaint (Website)

BTS Photographer – Stephan Burn (Website)

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