3. Odeon Limitless

Odeon Limitless 

Towards the end of 2016, my Dad and I signed up to Odeon Limitless, a monthly membership which entitles you to watch unlimited cinema releases. I’m very proud to have broken my record for the amount of films I’ve seen in one year, 48.  

This year was a fantastic year for cinema and it’s amazing to not have to rely on Meerkat buy one get one free offer to watch films. Especially as it limits you to seeing films on Tuesday and Wednesday’s. Also, to be able to see those films you aren’t totally sold by the trailer and aren’t willing to fork out £15 to see what will most likely be a waste of money.  

Although there are one or two improvements I’d like to see to the service. For starters, if you have signed up to the basic outside central London membership and would like to upgrade, you shouldn’t have to wait until your membership ends before you can upgrade. Surely it would advantageous for Odeon to allow you to upgrade for an extra few pounds a month on the spot. Furthermore, if you have the basic membership and want to see a film in central London, just like when you see a film in Imax or 3d there should be a surplus. You shouldn’t have to pay the full, rather inflated price. Finally, the in-house machines should allow you to enter your Limitless card and pick up or purchase your tickets. 

Here is a summary of my cinematic experiences: 

Best Film: Spiderman: Homecoming 

Best Superhero Film: Spiderman: Homecoming 

Best Comedy: Thor: Ragnarok 

Biggest Surprise: Harry Styles in Dunkirk 

Best Sequel: Paddington 2 

Best Sport Film: Battle of the Sexes 

Best Action: John Wick 2 

Best Horror: IT 

Best War Film: Hacksaw Ridge  

Best Adaptation: Wonder 

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