6. Personal Projects

Personal Projects 

During my time as a Freelance Filmmaker from 2012-2016, I self-financed several productions e.g. Moving In, If This Isn’t Love, Extra Time. One of the benefits of being in regular work is I now know how much money I will make month to month and in effect I can plan my personal projects much easier and on a more frequent basis. For example, when filming Extra Time, on average it took 6 months to a year to do the next filming day because Gary and I would have to save up money from our various jobs as a freelancers. Now, I have a steady job, Richard Holliday’s and my fan made project of Doctor Who will have taken just less than a year from the first day of filming to the last day of filming. Hopefully things will carry on like this and I will be able to produce my own material at a frequent rate. 

At the beginning of 2017, Richard and I started Pre Production on the fan made Doctor Who episode written by Richard. We decided to split the costs and aim to do as low budget as possible without sacrificing the professionalism and the quality too much. Where possible, we got people who would do the project for the love of the show, because they enjoyed working with us or as a favour for a friend. When needed, we hired freelance filmmakers at a reduced rate to help us out. 

The first filming day of Doctor Who happened in April and since then we have gone onto do filming days in July and October. The fourth and final day will be in January. We’ve ended up filming at Epsom Coaches, due to change of ownership at Epsom Coaches, we had to move the majority of filming to Storage King in Epsom and we’ve also filmed at Elliot’s house in Ewell. 

It’s been an absolute pleasure to take part in each filming day as we’ve got together the best of the cast and crew we’ve worked together on previous projects such as Gary Thomas (Extra Time, Moving In & If This Isn’t Love), Anthony Styles (D.E.A.D & The Wrong Date), Charlie Ross (Extra Time & Don’t Marry Him, Have Me), Rene Toussaint (If This Isn’t Love), Stephan Burn (Extra Time), Thomas Parker (Extra Time) and John Bagenal (Extra Time). We’ve also welcomed to our network of filmmakers who I very much hope to work with again in the future – Elliot Stammers, Elise Stammers, Luke French, Thomas Chee, Paul Valentine, Michael Holmes and Rob Lever. 

One of the biggest selling points about the fan made Doctor Who episode that sold putting my time and effort, let alone my hard earned cash towards was we would get to film with a life size Dalek and TARDIS. It was very surreal filming with a Dalek. Especially in between the scenes the Dalek wasn’t needed, to walk past a dark storage room with a gold Dalek waiting in the midst was a very odd experience. Also, towards the beginning of the day, to be corrected by the Dalek when I kept on calling it “Dalek” by screeching at me “I have a NAME”. I can’t wait to film the more action based scenes on Day 4 and to film the materialisation with an actual TARDIS rather than CGI model it in later will be a Doctor Who fantasy come true. 

In 2018 I aim to finish off Extra Time, which we currently only have the Sound Editing, Music and Colour Grading left to do. My target will be to finish it by March/April. Then it would be great to hold a dedicated premiere and start sending it off to festivals and finally get it seen by the industry. On top of that, we should also finish Doctor Who around a similar time and hold an Extra Time/Doctor Who Premiere at Elliot’s aka The Doctor church in North London where we plan to show both films, hold a Q & A and have a chorus sing tunes from Doctor Who with a cake and tea break in between. 


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