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Welcome to my review of 2017 where I’ll be looking back at what I have achieved in 2017 and what my favourite moments have been. Here are just some of my highlights you’ve got to look forward to: an overview of my holiday’s, films I’ve seen, my Big Sesh’s, what I’ve achieved at work, gigs I’ve been to, how my personal projects are progressing and my targets for 2018. With every category I’ve put a paragraph on what I’ve got to look forward to in 2018. Hopefully I’ll write something similar to this in 2019 where I can reflect back on what I’ve written this year. 


Since I finally managed to get a full time job in something I love (I’m a Media Technician at Esher College) in late September of 2016, I have strived to go on holiday every two to three months. A goal, I’ve been very pleased to have succeeded in doing. During 2017, I travelled to Amsterdam (a city that keeps on dragging me back), Prague (a lads holiday I’m glad finally came together), Berlin (a trip that has made Germany aside from England the country I’ve visited the most cities in), Bath (romantic trip away with Raven), Toronto (chance to appreciate some of my family history), New York (several years wait come to an end), Edinburgh (I’m very pleased to have got Richard excited for Edinburgh Fringe) and Belgium (overly ambitious trip complimented with my discovery of fruit beer). 

In 2018, already booked is Madrid (where I’ll be going with Rajat, Andy and Michael and hopefully be ticking off another two football stadiums off my list – Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid & Wanda Metropolitano, Atletico Madrid), Malaysia (to visit where my brother has been working as a teacher since August 2017), Lisbon (my second Eurovision and time I will have been to the city). Currently in discussion is a holiday with my mum to either Lyon, Rome or Seville in February and Richard’s second visit to Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

When picking a holiday destination, my two criteria’s are whether it has a Hard Rock Café and if there is a football match being played there during the time I’m there. Well, how else can you filter down where to go out of the thousand places out there! A couple of years ago, I decided to switch from collecting university T-Shirts to Hard Rock Café T-Shirts. I thought there’s only so long you can attend university for! I didn’t want to be a fifty year old still wearing a university t-shirt. Furthermore, there’s often a Hard Rock Café in most major cities in the world. 

Hard Rock Café T Shirts I Collected in 2017: 

February Amsterdam 

April Prague 

May Berlin 

August Niagara Falls 

August Yankees Stadium 

August New York City 

October Brussels

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