British Airways Armrest Challenge

I made my way back down the aisle of the British Airways plane from London Gatwick to Edinburgh having just waited for the stream of people coming towards me to find their seats. I found myself at the end of the plane because for the first time I was taking a suitcase along with my man bag to Scotland and there wasn’t any space in the overhead lockers above my seat towards the front of the plane in 7a.

The last person to find their seat sat down or so I thought because as I made my way back to the front of the plane a rather large individual blocked my way and I had to stop after working out some simple mathematics resulting in me figuring out I wouldn’t be able to get through. Though surprisingly, the individual in question was quick or quick as can be on making space for me to defy physics and getting through.

My drama wasn’t yet over because when I got to my seat that was in the middle of two passengers, the woman by the window was ready to make me aware of an annoying situation.

“I don’t know if they’re supposed to be like this,” She said gesturing at my arm rests which were terribly narrow.

I had a good look andI definitely agreed they were ridiculously tight and despite having just coming back from America I was up for the challenge of sitting down. With my whole row watching I slotted in and felt the arm rests instantly leaning into me. Oh, well. Challenge complete.

“I’ve just come back from America,” I said to make sure the window lady knew the feat that had just been achieved by me being able to sit down.

Once sat down I put the arm rests up and realised they went up against the actual seat unlike every other armrest I have ever come across which stand up in between one seat to the next. Taking in the situation, I decided I was happy to leave them up like that, even though I would have minimal wiggle room. It wasn’t to be as the woman next to the window made a good point by reminding me the arm rests are meant to be down during take off.

Realising the real crux of the situation I looked up to wave an air hostess for their attention. It didn’t take long as one of them was starting to make her way down the aisle handing out wet towels to customers. Spotting my finger up like I was back at school, I managed to catch her attention and I asked her whether she knew how to move them to the sides whilst demonstrating the issue.

“I didn’t know they did that.”She looked at me cluelessly.

“It’s okay. It’s only an hour and half flight,” I said.

Then an Asian guy stepped in behind me and pointed out that there was a button you pressed down to allow you to push it to the side to side. So I tested it out and my problem was solved. We could now take off! The Air Hostess was impressed and it wasn’t long before she was grabbing her fellow air hostesses to show them the new bit of information she had just learnt and slightly worryingly none of them knew as well.

Slightly perturbed that I had caused such a fuss, I sat back with plenty of wiggle room, so much wiggle room I even had a little dance in my seat just to test it out. I could now look forward to take off care free.

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