Which Central Defenders Should Go to the World Cup?

With a shortlist featuring Maguire, Mawson, Lascelles, Tarkowski, Lascelles, Keane, Smalling, Stones, Cahill & Jones. Which of our central defenders should go to the World Cup? Lucky for you, I’ve been on the job. I’ve given the defenders points based on which position they come in regards to Appearances, Pass Accuracy, Interceptions, Blocks and Tackles. For example, if Maguire has had the most appearances between all of the defenders, he scores 9pts and Stones has had the last, he scores 1pt.

Here are the final results (ordered by highest pts):

1st Maguire 36pts

2nd Smalling 33pts

3rd Mawson 31pts

4th Tarkowski 30pts

= Keane 30pts

6th Jones 20pts

7th Lascelles 19pts

8th Cahill 18pts

9th Stones 13pts

So there you have it, according to the stats, we should be leaving our debatably most skilled players such as Jones, Cahill & Stones. Probably because they play for the so called Top 6 and are ousted by foreign players. Judging by his debut, it might be too early to call Tarkowski to such a major tournament. Therefore, as they are even on points, I would choose Keane, if we were only to bring 4 defenders, which is the standard in a squad of 23.

Do you agree with the final results? Who would you take to Russia? Tweet me @markleverfilm or comment on this blog

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