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As Media Technician at a college I’ve been recently asked by one of my co workers (teaching a BTEC film course) to research storyboarding software. Deciding which software to recommend to my boss I had to bear a couple of things in mind including price (due to being a college we don’t have an unlimited budget and as we are towards the end of the year we are on our last legs as far as budget is concerned); Operating System (at college we are based on Windows, although as students are likely to want to work on their storyboards at home it’s good to have a piece of software with cross compatibility); Usability (the whole point of getting storyboards to create software is it’s really easy for students to use and that they don’t require any drawing skills).

Here are the 3 storyboarding pieces of software that I ended up with recommending to my boss/co-worker that fell within the criteria above:

Movie Storm

Educational Annual Licence $60


  • You can use character models and sets to design storyboards
  • Educational Licence includes full features
  • Quite a few video tutorials
  • Good for those who play video games
  • Customisable sets
  • Import Props from Google SketchUP
  • UK based

Concerns: Can you convert the shots into a printable storyboard?




  • Works with After Effects as a plug in
  • Makes use of sketches used within Vector based software
  • Using After Effects you can use effects to animate your storyboard
  • Good incentive to get students to know the basics of After Effects




  • Constantly being updated
  • Draw your storyboards within the software
    • Plenty of customisations
  • Work with Photoshop
  • Print your storyboards
  • Export to Premiere & PDF
  • Generate shots for those who can’t draw

We haven’t decided on anything just yet regarding what to purchase, so if you have any recommends please send them through by commenting on the post or tweeting me @markleverfilm

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