The One Man Breaking Bad

The One Man Breaking Bad is an unauthorised parody of the TV show ‘Breaking Bad’ performed by Miles Allen. Within one hour, the experienced Fringe performer sets out to act out all five seasons of Breaking Bad (that’s right. Five seasons, not six for those bought the box sets I.e the people who don’t have Netflix). This is a mission set even more ambitious by Miles being the only person on stage.

Throughout the show, he gets to show off his amazing range of impersonations, his Walt Jnr, being the highlight. He makes an acute and well founded observation of how little he really did in the show. First and foremost, eating cereal, a running gag, which never gets old. The only impersonation he wasn’t able to do well was Badger, Jesse’s druggy friend turned regular drug pusher throughout the show but he happily acknowledges it and makes a joke out of it. Also, another impression, which didn’t even stray near were the Todd and the Biker Gang. Somehow, the impressions turn into really camp nazi Germans. Not quite sure how the transition was managed but still nonetheless, it still adds little entertainment to the show.

Giving a little hint at not being limited to the world of Breaking Bad, Miles Allen sampled his alternative impressions during the gaps between each season, making me really want to see what he does next after this run at the Fringe. My favourite Impressions were the Family Guy cast. Maybe he can sum up all the seasons of a Family Guy in an hour or two. It shouldn’t be too hard as not much plot development ever happens in the show.

Coming from a scriptwriter’s perspective, I was very impressed with the structure and how it managed to cover the important narrative points and balance it with the humour successfully. Though at times, it did jump back and forth but for valid reasons. The script was so well written from a narrative point of view, you could just go to this show and get your Breaking Bad fix in one easy hour sample but to get the best experience out of the gig and the TV show is to binge watch it all the way through. Preferably on Netflix, not torrent, which the majority of the crowd admitted to doing.

A big part of the show were the props. By the beginning of the show, Miles Allen has already prepared shelves of goodies related to the show, which he gradually brings out at relevant points. For example, he recycles, in joke method, a cereal box as the butt of his joke about Walt Jnr only ever eating cereal; furthermore, the all important teaser used throughout season 2 stuffed teddy bear and the most imaginative use of a prop, a purchase from a pound shop – Heinsenberg cushion, which is used as a way of getting out everyone’s feelings in season 1 about Walt’s cancer.

The One Man Breaking bad is well written, hilarious, surprisingly well acted and I, personally can’t wait for it tour round the UK, which Miles, via Twitter has confirmed to me direct is going to happen. Once I get back to London, I’ll be lining up the majority of my friends who have all seen and loved Breaking Bad, to see the show. I can’t wait for all of them to see it.

The One Man Breaking Bad is on for the remaining days of the Fringe Festival (28th August-31st August).

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The review was written by Mark Lever. He is an official freelance camera person & editor. On top of that he is currently pursuing scriptwriting as a career.

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