Smokey Joe BBQ – A ‘How to’ Video

A ‘how to’ video I filmed & edited for client ‘Wow BBQ’ to show how to put together a ‘Smokey Joe BBQ’ model.

Smokey Joe BBQ

Product Description

The original iconic kettle barbecue in miniature!

Large enough to feed the family but small enough to pack in the car, this portable kettle barbecue is ideal for day trips, picnics, camping, holidays… Just grab and go!

The Smokey Joe BBQ is Available in a range of new colours.

The Smokey Joe BBQ Premium model comes with a lid-locking feature that doubles as a lid holder. This allows you to pick up and carry the barbecue fully loaded and also acts as a windshield.

Bowl and lid – 10 years.
Handle – 10 years.
Charcoal grate and cooking grate – 2 years.
All other parts (legs, base, triangle, ash catcher, wheels and vents) – 2 years.

Product Specifications

10 year limited warranty.
Weather-proof handle with a protective heat shield.
Lid lock for carrying, which also lowers to double as a lid holder.
Fire and rust-resistant lid and bowl are made from steel and porcelain-enamel coated inside and out. This makes them weather-proof and extremely durable.
Rust-proof aluminium vents provide the proper airflow for perfect barbecuing.
The rust resistant cooking grate is triple-plated making it extremely durable.
Rust-proof side vent.
Glass-reinforced nylon handles.
Charcoal measuring cup.

About the Filmmaker

Mark Lever is a London based Freelance Cameraperson/Editor who works on Documentaries, Live Shows, Short Films, Photoshoots, music videos and more!

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